Sugar Technology
  • Beet transport and washing
  • Cane handling and processing
  • Beet pulp drying

    projects using steam dryers

  • Beet pulp and baggase drying

    projects using low temperature belt dryers

  • Juice extraction and purification
  • Evaporation stations
  • Thick juice storage
  • Condensate utilization
  • Continuous and batch crystallization
  • Raw sugar refining in beet sugar factories
  • Powdered sugar production and conditioning
Steam and condensate economy
Optimizing the cost of sugar production is a key element of competitiveness. APRO Polska helps its clients to improve the efficiency of sugar production by limiting the consumption of heat and electricity to the necessary minimum while increasing the production volume. We execute installations utilizing waste heat, making maximum use of energy introduced in primary fuel.
“Turn-key” solutions
The growing competition on the sugar market means that the modernization works of the sugar plant must be carried out quickly and with 100% efficiency. To meet the expectations of our clients, we carry out investments as general contractor.
Start-ups and optimization
Our team consists of experienced sugar technologists, chemists and mechanics who have many years of work experience in sugar factories. Therefore we offer our clients services of sugar factory start-ups and plat operation optimizations.
Biological wastewater treatment plants
Two-stage wastewater treatment plants
Designs of tanks and equipment
Optimization of water circuits